You may have heard about our Amazon e-gift card giveaway, where you send us audio and video of how you are making the most of your social distancing and you can win a $100 Amazon e-gift card.

I can absolutely relate to how difficult it is to fill your time right now. There is only so much Tiger King you can watch (literally, there are only seven episodes). Working from home has proven to be a challenge as well.

Since schools are not open right now, all the faculty are home and thinking of creative ways to continue to teach. What about the school nurse?

In the case of Kelly Davis of North Dartmouth, she decided to use some technology she had at home to help the cause.

Kelly got right to work with her 3-D printer and figured out how to make the surgical masks that many of our health professionals so desperately need right now. She is on pace to make a hundred masks that she will then donate.

Check out the video she sent into us:

Kelly is clearly deserving of a $100 Amazon e-gift card. She got one and hopefully, she can then make another hundred masks.

We are still looking for your creative ways of passing the time at home. It can be anything from taking up a new hobby to volunteering as Kelly did. Send them over to us via the "Send Audio/Video" button on the Fun 107 app and who knows we could be calling you with an amazon gift card to maybe you can get some kind of shopping therapy in.

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