Great news for commuters who frequently travel around the Rt. 177 - Rt. 6 area of Westport/Dartmouth.

According to, the dangerous intersection where the two heavy traffic highways meet will be going under construction. The goal is improve the traffic flow, but most importantly enhance the safety of drivers in that area.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Construction will begin on March 28th, 2016 and will cost $2.2 million. It will improve visibility as well as an added turning lane that will be added to the 445 foot expansion in efforts to widen 177 as it approaches Rt. 6, which will also be expanding by about 1,150 ft.

The project was called upon in regards to the new housing development that replaced the Lincoln Park amusement park, bringing about more traffic and congestion.

Plans of traffic light installment will follow the construction and could take up to 4 years if funds are granted.

Travelers in the area should plan accordingly and seek alternate routes to avoid build up and traffic due to construction.


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