Often, the little things in life can change someone's day from bad to better.

You never know when it's going to happen, but with a little faith, you just might find something good enough to make the difference.

I stumbled across such a "little thing" and it's right here in Dartmouth.

Over on Russells Mills Road is a quaint liquor store with a big personality, but CV Liquors is more than just booze.

Last week, Dartmouth native Larry Soares stopped by the store but was out of luck when he noticed a "Be Back" sign on the door.

Courtesy Larry Soares
Courtesy Larry Soares

Two words set this sign apart from others like it: "I Hope."

That simple addition somehow brought the comic relief. And, fortunately, that appears to be all there is to it. No crazy life-or-death story here, just somebody having a little fun with an otherwise mundane break sign.

Frequent shoppers say this isn't the first time a sign like this was put up temporarily.

For example: "Help Wanted: Must Know How to Help."

CV Liquors is run by Chris Hemingway and a gentleman named Pete. They've been business partners for the 34 years and live less than 2 miles from the store.

"My marriage didn't even last that long," Pete said. "It's pretty rare to have a partnership for more than 30 years, but we manage."

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The owners are 62 years old with birthdays 18 days apart. They met at Dartmouth High School and have been friends ever since.

"Thanks to all the customers out there," Pete said. "We hope to see you soon."

Just for fun, I decided to check out some of the Yelp reviews on this place and immediately put into perspective just how nice the owners are to their customers:

"Great little store! Went in to buy some wine along with several styrofoam coolers as are swapping out a fridge," Mark Flaherty wrote. "The owner told me not to bother with the coolers and loaned me a large cooler that they use for parties at no charge. Even with out-of-state plates, just asked for a phone number and to bring it back within a week. Awesome assistance! And the wine is good too!"

Now, I don't know about you, but when was the last time you had customer service like this?

Funny little notes on the door are just a bonus.

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