The holidays are coming fast. There's nothing like getting some hot chocolate and heading to the neighborhood Christmas tree lot to find the perfect one for your family.  But what if you're in your car on the way to the lot and you accidentally drive right past it?

Now you have to head back where you came from. You need to "bang a U-ey."  For you and me, that's a perfectly logical solution to a pretty simple problem. For some, however, asking them to bang a U-ey could be a recipe for disaster.

As we approach the holidays, you may find yourself with guests coming in from out of town. After all, that's what holidays are all about. However, those guests are often unfamiliar with the lingo that we have here on the SouthCoast. We live in a unique area, so things that may seem normal here are extremely strange to an outsider.

Acting as a voice for many here on the SouthCoast, the Fun 107 crew decided to put our heads together, along with suggestions from our audience, and try to make our area as welcoming as possible to everyone. We want anyone who's visiting us for the holidays to feel as if they grew up here.

Because, let's be honest, the SouthCoast is a pretty awesome place to grow up.

We put together this helpful guide to "Speaking SouthCoast" for any guests who may be confused. If you can think of any words or phrases we missed, please feel free to drop suggestions.

SouthCoast Phrases that Confuse Out of Towners

Here's a list of SouthCoast phrases that would confuse people visiting from out of town.

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