You'll see a packed crowd, you'll see people laughing, but one thing you won't see at Friday night's Kevin Hart show in Boston are cell phones. The comedian has banned them from his shows.

Kevin Hart is one of the most successful current day comedians, but you might think you've stepped into 1990-something if you're at the Garden for his show. The comedian has a strict ban on cell phones.

In fact, they aren't only banned during his performance. They are also banned BEFORE the show starts. Anyone seen texting, talking on their phone, taking pictures, taking video, or browsing social media of any kind will be asked to leave the building. Think he's kidding? You'll quickly find out that Hart isn't kidding if you try it. Signage specifically states that there will be NO WARNING for you to put your phone away, and NO REFUNDS when you get thrown out.

What are your thoughts about the policy?

I feel like a cell phone ban while the show is in progress is perfectly reasonable. Using a phone at a theater or while someone is trying to perform is definitely rude to the performer and the audience around you. But BEFORE the show???  Seems a little Draconian to me.

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