Fun 107 truly has the best listeners, but the random generosity during our Cash Call contest this afternoon kind of blew my mind.

The Cash Call name called out after 3 p.m. on Thursday afternoon was Ann Willis and as she admitted to me when she called in...she wasn't listening when her name was called!

Usually this means you miss your cash call, the jackpot grows bigger and someone else wins even more money...but that's not what happened.

Seems a random stranger managed to find Ann on Facebook, post on her page to call Fun 107 and Ann saw it in time to call back and claim her cash...her $750 in cash!

Ann Willis Facebook page

This was a huge jackpot that could have grown even bigger for the next winner to score. And that next winner could have been Tanya, who messaged Ann to call in.

But she found her anyway and helped her score a big was awesome!

Ann says she will pay the good deed forward by thanking Tanya with "a gift card or something" and that was pretty amazing to me too.

I love the idea that our station contest is in some small way bringing people together and sparking kindness on the Southcoast!

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