Watching the Bruins game this past weekend had me cringing. You are right, Jackson watches sports? I was shocked also. This past weekend I took in my fair share of football and hockey and not on purpose.

I'm glad I did, though.

Watching the Bruins on the ice at TD Garden had my palms sweating. The sounds you hear coming off the ice sounded bone-shattering. Maybe it's just me, but I hope these guys have good health insurance.

Maybe it looks and sounds a lot worse than it actually is.

Am I alone on this? Maybe this weekend's game was a little rougher than usual. Either way, these guys must be tough.

It looks like they are dressed up like Toy Story characters, which just so happens to be my favorite movie.They are winning brownie points with me and I'm not even a kid. Ok, maybe I am a big kid.

They really pull at the heart strings in some of their posts. I'm wondering if you can guess which player is dressed up as which character.

Here is a picture of the boys. Don't cheat, but I'll tell you who from the team is in the picture below the picture. Try to guess first.

From left to right: Charlie Coyle, Danton Heinen, Patrice Bergeron, Torey Krug, Brandon Carlo, Charlie McAvoy, David Pastrnak, and Matt Grzelcyk.

How did you do? I didn't know any of them. I legit had to research all their names. Hopefully I spelled them right!

I love this, though. I know the Patriots are busy right now and they do stuff like this all the time. Guess I'm shocked to see these guys slinging sticks and throwing each other around on the ice. This would be the softer side.

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