Boy bands have had many things named after them over the years and now you can add beer to that list.

When you think boy band, you likely don't think beer (especially since many boy band members aren't even old enough to drink).

And yet one local brewing company wants to change that way of thinking.

Dorchester Brewing has created what they are calling the NKOTBock. Named after New Kids on the Block, of course.

NKOTB Today Show
Janette Pellegrini, Getty Images

It's really no wonder a Dorchester beer company would be behind a New Kids brew, considering many of the band members grew up right in Dorchester.

There will, of course, be plenty of puns about whether or not this beer has "the right stuff" and I'm sure many female fans will be flocking to the brewery to find out.

I mean, these guys still sell out tours and cruises year after year, so grabbing a beer named after the band is easy-peasy compared to getting tickets for those events.

And if you are interested in finding out for yourself what NKOTBock tastes like, head to the Dorchester Brewing's tap room at 1250 Massachusetts Ave in Boston.

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