Over 86 tons of Boston Market frozen meals are being recalled due to a possible glass or plastic contamination.

No one wants to bite into their Market Basket pork rib and mashed potatoes meal and get a bite of glass in their mouth. And that's why tons and tons of the frozen dinners are being recalled nationwide.

If you happen to have any of the Boston Market Home Style Meals labeled as Boneless Pork Rib Shaped Patty with BBQ Sauce & Mashed Potatoes, get rid of them.

The recall says they could be contaminated with glass or hard plastic after several consumer complaints and could cause you and your digestive tract some serious issues if eaten.

The recalled meals have "best buy" dates of December 7, 2019 (lot code 8341); January 4, 2020 (lot code 9004), January 24, 2020 (lot code 9024) or February 15, 2020 (lot code 9046). These possibly contaminated meals also have "EST. 18297" stamped on the end flap of the packaging.

There is a refund for those who purchased these Boston Market meals; you just have to bring them back to the store of purchase or contact Krista Cummings, Consumer Affairs Supervisor, Bellisio Foods at (855) 871-9977.

No serious injuries have been reported in connection with this recall so far, but if you are concerned you've already eaten a contaminated Boston Market meal, the USDA says to contact your health care provider.

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