Nothing goes better on a mid-July afternoon at Fenway Park than a Fenway Frank, a giant pretzel and a nice cold beer.

Here is a nickel's worth of advice – eat well before you leave home and sip that beer slowly, or else be ready to dig deep in the wallet.

While the price of a regular hot dog remained the same this season – $6 – a 12-ounce beer costs a dollar more at $9.50. I couldn't even find the price for a pretzel.

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Get our free mobile app cites an analysis by NJ.BET, an online casino and betting promotional offers site, that ranks the nation's baseball parks based on criteria including affordability. Fenway ranks eighth overall, but beer prices are the seventh highest in baseball.

A Cold Beer At Boston's Fenway Park Costs How Much Now?
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NJ.BET Petco Park, home of the San Diego Padres, ranks first; Yankee Stadium, fifth; and Ring Central Coliseum, where the Oakland Athletics play, ranks last.

According to NJ.BET, the Arizona Diamondbacks have the most affordable ballpark in baseball, while Fenway Park is the least affordable. Yankee Stadium is the third most expensive.

NJ.BET says a day rooting for the Red Sox at Fenway Park will cost an average fan $100.74. A day in the Bronx is $97.09.

A Cold Beer At Boston's Fenway Park Costs How Much Now?
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Getting back to beer prices, the New York Mets charge the most for a beer at $12. The Chicago White Sox get $10.75, while the Cubs charge $10.49. A beer at Baltimore's Camden Yards will cost you $10, while the Phillies charge $9.99.

I remember when a pair of tickets to Fenway Park cost $10. No wonder we don't get to the game as often as we used to.

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