The Bristol County District Attorney's office and the Boston Celtics are promoting White Ribbon Day to raise awareness on domestic violence.

At a press conference in New Bedford, District Attorney Tom Quinn spoke about the work his office does to fight domestic violence in the area.

With a large majority of domestic violence cases being man-on-women crimes, Quinn says it's up to men and boys to end the cycle of domestic violence.

"I'm not going to accept it. That bothers me as a person. It's not just a legal matter to see a woman's jaw broken and thrown down the stairs. Not going to stand for it in the sense that I'm putting the full resources of the office towards it," Quin says on the recent spike in domestic violence cases.

In some cases, victims don't cooperate with prosecutors and police in cases that involve a boyfriend or husband.

When that happens, Quinn says, his office will continue on with the prosecution without the victim's testimony, much like in murder cases.

Celtics players and coaches will wear white ribbons during Tuesday's game against the Grizzlies to help raise awareness on domestic violence.