Back in the day, LL Cool J used to rap about cars driving by with "The Boomin' Systems," but those cars are not welcome in New Bedford. There is an ordinance in the city that regulates just how loud a car stereo can be.

Now that the weather is getting warmer and we are edging closer to summertime, more and more of those cars will be driving around with their windows down. The red lights are their time to take the stage and shine. The stereo gets turned up, the bass kicks in, and BOOM.

What the drivers may not know is that showing off those boomin' systems might cost them some serious money. Did you know that in New Bedford drivers can be fined up to $300 a pop for having their stereos turned up too loud? It's true.

Chapter 17, Section 17 states:

No motor vehicle radio or sound reproduction systems operated within a motor vehicle shall be used in such a manner as to create unnecessary noise for any person other than the driver and passengers in said vehicle.

In other words, if anyone else outside of your car can hear the music you are playing, you are playing it too loud.

The first offense will cost you $100. If you get caught a second time within 12 months of your first infraction, it will cost you $200. Third and subsequent infractions will cost you $300 each.

That's not all. Don't bring your Bluetooth speakers to the beach, the bus, or out into public without keeping the noise at a reasonable level. The ordinance states:

The playing of portable radios, tape players or other electronically amplified sound devices, shall be prohibited from public buses, bus stops, public beaches, public parking lots, public streets, malls, stores and any public area when the sound of such devices exceeds the following intensity: Sound level decibels shall not exceed seventy (70) at a distance of fifteen (15) feet.

Luckily, judging from the number of cars we see driving around the city with their music blaring, the New Bedford Police don't seem too worried about these particular ordinances. So feel free to turn up Fun 107 at that red light!

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