The XFL is back and I'm ready to start my pro football career.

A few years ago the XFL was a joke. The league failed and they failed in grand style. They were lacking so many things the first time around and one of those things was me.

I'm not one to brag, but I'm a pretty athletic guy, captain of the basketball team in high school, suspended from our terrible high school football team for being too awesome and almost a varsity baseball player in high school.

I tried soccer. We don't need to discuss that. I was also captain of the cross country team, despite finding a way to roll my ankle while running. Finally I was a starter on a highly esteemed men's league basketball team (I owned those old dudes).

Obviously, becoming a professional athlete has been in the cards for me for a long time. I just never found the right opportunity until now. I'm not going to let this one slip away, so I put together an audition tape to showcase my skills. I'm sure Mr. Vince McMahon will be impressed. Check out my full audition tape below and I'll be seeing you in the XFL.

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