Today's fact is about Elijah McCoy.

Born May 2, 1844, McCoy would become an inventor and engineer. He was born in Ontario, Canada to two former slaves who fled slavery in Kentucky. In 1847 his family returned to the United States in Ypsilanti, Michigan.

From a young age, McCoy was very interested in mechanics. His parents had him travel to Scotland when he was only 15 for an apprenticeship in mechanical engineering. When he returned to the United States he struggles to find work because of racial barriers. McCoy took a position as a fireman and oiler for the Michigan Central Railroad.

It was during this job that he invented a lubricating cup that distributed oil evenly over the engine's moving parts. This allowed trains to run continuously for longer periods of time without stopping for maintenance. This was one of his first major inventions. He obtained a patent for this and obtained 56 other U.S. patents.

McCoy died on October 10, 1929, in Detroit, Michigan at the age of 85.


and THAT is B Mo's Black History Month Fact of The Day!



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