Have the Celtics finally found their identity?

If they have, there is literally no better time than now to find it. They're heading for the playoffs finally looking like the team we expected to see all season long.

After a gut punch of a loss to the Rockets a week ago, most of Celtics Nation was skeptical the guys in green would ever find it this year. They just were blown out and flat out outclassed on their own floor and had the class of the NBA, the Golden State Warriors, on the horizon. That's when something clicked. If this team makes a deep playoff run, the story will be all about the plane ride to Golden State.

A number of players, including Kyrie Irving, have referenced the importance of that plane ride. The team needed to come together. The team needed to work some things out and it seems being stuck in a giant flying missile did the trick.

At Golden State, the Celtics did the impossible and obliterated the Warriors in their own building. They looked like an entirely different team. The entire roster, one through 15, was engaged and excited. Teammates were moving and sharing the ball on the floor. The defensive intensity was up. They even backed each other up when a little scuffle happened between Aron Baynes and DeMarcus Cousins. Was this what we had been waiting for, or was it just because it was Golden State?

Well, after a 30-point night from Gordon Hayward against the Warriors, he came out and dropped in a game-winner the next night against Sacramento. This is a good Sacramento team in the perfect "trap game scenario, "the second night of a huge back-to-back. They looked good throughout and were without their star, Kyrie.

Finally, last night they took the Los Angeles Lakers to the woodshed to close out a big week. It certainly looks and sounds like a team that has come together. One can only hope this continues to close out the season and they can ride this momentum straight through the playoffs to yet another Boston title.

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