It was just an ordinary day for Sophomore Emma Baptiste, until I crashed her classroom lecture with some pretty good news.

It was Taylor Swift week here on The Rock & Fox Show and the submissions were coming in by the thousands. Let's be honest, with only two venues on her tour, Swift knew how to wrangle up the supply and demand of her shows. Anyone who has ever been to one of Swift's concerts will also tell you the extent of the production that goes into each set.

No wonder why everyone wants to get their hands on these tickets.

Well, the time had come earlier this morning to give away our last pair to one lucky listener and it came down to a mom who was simply looking to win the pair for her and her daughter so they can have a nice night out bonding.

After she called back within seconds, it dawned on me that we needed to immediately surprise her daughter who was in school at the time and let her find out that way.

I made the call over to Apponequet High School and arranged the meet-up with Principle- Dr. Barbara Starkie.

With the film crew on hand, I barged into Emma's classroom and handed her an envelope.

"Open it up and read out loud what it says," I told her.

"Emma Baptiste," she began reading to her class, "You are going to go see Taylor Swift at Gillette Stadium next Summer."

And, well, the rest was history. Check out the video above to see her "shocked" reaction. Needless to say, she was a bit speechless, but that was a given from the start.

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