While I do most of my banking and necessary payments online, there are still times when I have to send a paper check using snail mail. I have also sent several gifts through the mail this year, knowing I wouldn’t be able to see the person for Christmas, and every time, I get a little nervous placing it in my mailbox.

Is it safe to send money or gifts through the mail? Will my special package make it to its destination?

Turns out, my fears are justifiable. The Acushnet Police Department announced just a few hours ago a possible “fishing scheme” involving the Acushnet Post Office but also offered some promising news with helpful tips for the future.

According to the Acushnet Police Department’s Facebook page, they received a call on Monday morning about a possible fishing scheme at the blue mailbox outside of the post office. They describe a scheme as being “used by bad guys to steal mail out of the mailbox in hopes to find checks, money or credit cards.”

The Somerset Police Department had actually made an arrest that same morning for the same scheme. However, the evidence surrounding the Acushnet Police Department’s case found no signs of a scheme.

“If you used the blue mailbox located outside the Acushnet Post Office, please keep an eye out for any fraudulent activities. The owners of the recovered checks have already been notified," police said.

This will make me think twice about sending anything of value through the mail. I have full faith in my mailman, but my faith is lacking with strangers that have poor intentions.

Check out the Acushnet Police Department’s Facebook post above for helpful tips on how to avoid and stay aware of mailbox fishing.

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