As Shark Week comes to a close, there's just enough time to squeeze in one more story.

On July 30, Mandy Cunha and her 12-year-old son Memphis went to the South End beach to escape the heat that has blanketed the SouthCoast. To their surprise, they weren't the only ones going for a swim.

Cunha was cooling off in the water when she came across what appeared to be a baby shark.

Cue the earworm that has racked up over 11 billion views:

Good luck getting that song out of your brain.

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Anyway, Cunha called her son over to check out the shark as they are avid fans of Shark Week. She knew Memphis would love to see it.

"I first tried calling the environmental police but no one answered," Cunha said. "I didn't want it to die so we picked it up carefully and moved it deeper into the water, but it kept beaching itself again."

It turns out that this "baby shark" was a dogfish, which is only a threat if you're a clam or a small fish.

According to Britannica, these sharks can grow upwards of 4 feet long, but on average, they're only about 2-3 feet in length and harmless to humans. Often, you'll find them in the Atlantic Ocean along the East Coast.

"We kept pushing it out to deeper waters and it eventually left," Cunha said.

So, there you go. A happy ending that involved a shark and a couple of beachgoers in New Bedford. And here's a friendly reminder that it's not uncommon to see sharks around these parts, especially this time of year. The ocean is their home and we must respect that. They're not hunters of humans and, quite frankly, they're misunderstood.

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