When Fun 107 and the Dartmouth Police Department join forces... magic happens.

A couple of weeks ago, I received a phone call from a good friend of mine down at the Dartmouth Police Barracks, Detective Kyle Costa. Now, I know whenever he hits me up, it's usually because a light bulb went off in his head about an idea.... boy was I right.

Local police departments teamed up a few weeks back outside Target and other shopping centers to collect toys for local families in need. Well, it turns out that Detective Costa and his Dartmouth team exceeded their expectations and wanted to give the toys they collected to a family who could really use them, but needed a little guidance as to who they should help out.

If you remember during Fun 107's 'Holiday Wish' Program with the United Way of Greater New Bedford, we highlighted a Dartmouth Family, the Wilcox's, who had three children of their own... two who were born with unhealthy hearts. The story of the struggling family struck a chord with Detective Costa and he immediately decided that we were going to return to the Wilcox's residence.

I met up with the D.P.D. team at their barracks and went along for the ride to see the Wilcox Family. A good friend of mine, Matt St. Laurent, is a cousin to the the Wilcox's and was able to round up the family, all while keeping it a surprise...they had no clue what was coming for them.

As we pulled in, you could see the children in the window jumping up and down with joy as we unloaded a PACKED cruiser with toys and games. The smiles and happiness on their faces were absolutely priceless and we were able to pull off the mission!

Big thank you Detective Costa and the his crew--Det. Sean McGuire, Sgt. Joseph Rapoza and Officer Amanda Tavares--at the Dartmouth Police Station for allowing me to be a part of such a special day.

Now THAT is what Christmas is all about!

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