Pharrell started up a lot of "fashion don't" conversation after he decided to wear a ten gallon Vivienne Westwood hat to the 2014 Grammy's, but his choice to auction off the hat to fully benefit One Hand To Another charity makes everything better.

Many people joked about the hat Pharrell wore during the 2014 Grammy's looking like something he stole from Smokey the Bear, but once Pharrell put the hat up for auction Arby's tweeted at Pharrell asking for their hat back and wouldn't you know it the hat in the Arby's logo looks just like the hat Pharrell  wore to the 2014 Grammy's. At the end of the auction Arby's got their hat back for $44,100 (that's a lot of cheddar yo) but 100% of the proceeds went to benefit One Hand To Another charity so we can conclude this to be a job well cooked by Arby's.