A sad story out of North Carolina that could have been completely prevented. A young woman was enjoying Pharrell Williams' "Happy" so much she felt compelled to tell everyone about it and then things took a tragic turn.

As if we didn't have enough reminders about not driving while distracted, I can only hope that a story like this will make people put their phones away while they're driving!

33-year-old Courtney Ann Sanford of Clemmons, N.C. was not a kid who didn't know any better. She was a woman who allowed selfies and Facebook posts to be something she was willing to lose her life over.

Officials with the High Point Police Department say Courtney lost her life last Thursday morning because she was driving distracted. Drugs, alcohol and speed have been ruled out of the crash that took Sanford's life, but according to authorities she posted the status update "The happy song makes me so HAPPY" just one minute before the crash.

Officers say her phone also contained several selfies, all pictures of her driving.

Obviously Sanford's focus was not on the road on Thursday morning when she crossed the median and crashed head-on with a recycling truck. It's just sad that more stories like this have to come out for people to put their phones away and just drive.

I just can't imagine anything is so important that you have to get to it right then and there, no matter the cost. Facebook posts and texting while driving wasn't even an option just a few short years ago and we all seemed to make it through life just fine. Why does the need to have people know what we're doing every minute of the day supersede the common sense to take care of ourselves?