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Pharrell Breaks Down On The Oprah Show
Pharrell Williams is enjoying HUGE success with his hit "Happy"!
The song is popular worldwide, and has inspired many around the world to make videos of inspiration thanks to the songs happy lyrics.
Pharrell was on the Oprah show, and she played him a clip of that inspiration and his…
Pharrell’s New Hat [VIDEO]
Pharrell Williams stopped by the Ellen Show recently and of course she had to talk about his Vivienne Westwood hat.
DeGeneres actually commented on how she's gotten used to the high hat and now it might not be big enough anymore. So she kindly got him a new one that he then held in a questionabl…
The Winner of Pharrell’s Grammy Hat Is?
Pharrell started up a lot of "fashion don't" conversation after he decided to wear a ten gallon Vivienne Westwood hat to the 2014 Grammy's, but his choice to auction off the hat to fully benefit One Hand To Another charity makes everything better.