There's a new app called PareUp that could help reduce the amount of food wasted by grocery stores.I've seen a few different inventions that are meant to reduce food waste, but this one may be the best of all, and it could save you money! PareUp searches for local grocery stores, coffee shops, and juice bars that have excess food at a discount.

According to, the United States throws away $165 billion in food every year, or around 40% of all food. This massive amount makes up the largest type of waste going into landfills in America.

Apparently, a lot of the food thrown away isn't even rotten yet! It can either be distorted, blemished, or even just close to the sell-by date. On top of this, food banks can't accept much of these extras because of strict restrictions, meaning stores have no choice but to throw them in the trash.

So, stores list their excess products on PareUp at discounts between 25 and 75%, giving you huge savings and them a little extra money. Early next month PareUp will be tested in the New York City area, so South Coast consumers will have to wait a little bit longer to get this brilliant app.