Topping today's BIG 3.  Another New Bedford store owner has fought back against a would be robber.  Police say a masked men went into the J&L Mini Mart on Maxfield Street, grabbed the store owner Juan "Nacho" Rodriguez, pulled  a knife and demanded money.  Nacho told us that he managed to break free and grab his own knife under the counter.  We talked to Nacho.  Click here to listen:

Nacho chased the guyout of the store and a mob of neighbors and friends beat the suspect up and stripped him of his clothes.  Nacho says that's when he threw himself on the suspect to protect him until the police arrived.  22 year old Joseph Defreitas was arrested and is recovering at St. Luke's.  Take JR's poll now.  Should store owners fight back?  Or is it too dangerous?


The state's unemployment numbers are out, and they are not good.  Massachusetts lost jobs for the first time since November.  More than 10,000 jobs were lost.  The worst drop in more than 3 years.


We told you earlier this week about how Cranston has banned all father daughter dances.  Now, the town's school committee is looking to bring them back.  Many residents, including the mayor, spoke out against the ban.  Officials say they're going to ask the state to change the law so the dances can resume.