It's happened again.  For the third time in recent months, a New Bedford store owner has fought back against a would-be robber.  When a young man walked into the J&L Mini Mart on Maxfield StreetWednesday Night, grabbed the store's owner and threatened him with a knife, the 55 year old owner was able to free himself from the grasp.   He then grabbed a baseball bat and chased the suspect out of the store.   After a foot chase by the owner, his family members and friends, the young man was caught and held for police.   You may recall that back in July, and 80 year-old woman hurled mangoes at two men who were attempting to hold-up her daughters Continental Market.

And then in August, the owner of the St. Elias Mini Market fought off inturders with a stick and a display case.   We can understand the outrage these store owners must feel when someone tries to rob them of their earnings.   But is this just too dangerous?   My fear is that a weapon may discharge during a scuffle, leading to the store owner or bystander getting seriously hurt or worse.