Kayne West Says He May Leave The U.S. Because of Racism
Kayne West allegedly punched a teenager in the face for using the N word and now he says because of racism, he may decide to leave the country.
He claims that he dreads the day that he has to explain to his daughter North exactly what racism is and said he would consider moving out of the country to …
How Pizza Ended The Government Shutdown
It’s the late night snack that nobody can resist around the world. I don't care who you are, a good slice of pie can make anybody get something done. Even the United States Government. At least something gets them to do something.
Is a Cat Cafe Coming To Boston?
There are plenty of places for people to bring their dogs out in public, but the same does not bode for cat lovers. That could be changing in Massachusetts, if one local woman has her way.
Watch 9/11 News Coverage 12 Years Later [VIDEO]
I watch this coverage to this day and still I get chills up my spine. Hard to believe 12 years ago our country came under attack by a bunch of cowards, who had nothing better to do than to kill over 3000 innocent people.

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