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Lindsay Lohan Follows the Wanted to London
Lindsay Lohan is the biggest groupie for the Wanted, like, ever. The sometime actress and onetime nascent pop star in her own right is blowing off her court date, slated for tomorrow (Dec. 12) in Los Angeles, since she will be across the pond in the U.K., following the boy band around like a lost pu…
Celebrities That Don’t Pay Their Taxes
It seems almost normal now to find out that a celebrity, more frequently musicians, owe the government money.
This year the list included names like Lindsay Lohan, Lionel Richie and most recently, Nas. Lindsay Lohan doesn't come as a shock, but Lionel...
Lindsay Lohan Says She Was Bullied as a Kid
Lindsay Lohan is such a willing target that picking on her these days almost seems like kicking a puppy (if the puppy had terrible judgment and a lengthy rap sheet).
But according to her, the "bullying" she endures from the press isn't her first go-round with disparaging remark…

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