I think we all know that Lindsay Lohan has been around the block as they say. But a handwritten list of exactly who she's been around that block with has surfaced and you may be surprised at who's on there.

She's only 27-years-old, but Lindsay Lohan seems like she's been around forever (and been through it all). And just when you thought the starlet couldn't shock you anymore...she does!

After a promising week promoting her new OWN reality series, most notably on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Lohan went right back to be water cooler talk with her most recent misstep.

Seems Lohan thought it would be hilarious to write out a list of the Hollywood men she has been with...in the biblical sense.

I'm sure she was showing off a little for her friends as they reportedly joked and smack talked the men (and women) of Lohan's past, but she put 36 names on this list and it has somehow made it into the hands of In Touch Magazine.

Though the majority of names are blurred out, perhaps more will come to light as the story gets bigger.

Still there are some interesting names on this list. Of course Wilmer Valderrama and Colin Farrell are on there, but some of the others that may be a bit of a surprise. I know several were to me.

Click below to see a photo of her handwritten list.