Cheap TV Makes People Go Wild On Black Friday [VIDEO]
Once again, Walmart is the scene as customers go nuts over a TV that was on sale.
One woman can be heard yelling "I had it first". and of course people recorded the incident.
I'm wondering if it was only Walmart stores that had incidents like this one...
BIg Papi Brawl- Back In The Day Cafe Flashback [VIDEO]
During last nights Sox Rays game there was a small melee in the 6th inning which once again cleared both dugouts. There is a history with these 2 teams, and while there were no punches thrown last night, it made me flashback to one of my favorite brawls in Red Sox history...
Russian Youth Hockey Fight Gets Ugly [VIDEO]
I know you have to be tough to be a hockey player and that once in a while a fight will break out.  That's in the NHL, if a fight breaks out in youth hockey referees will stop it immediately and remove the players from the game.  I guess the same isn't true for youth hockey in Ru…

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