FIFA World Cup

World Cup 2014
With Germany's thrilling 1-0 win over Argentina just earlier today, the 2014 World Cup has officially come to its end.
Why Children Walk Hand-In-Hand With Soccer Stars [VIDEO]
Imagine what it must feel like to walk out onto a beautiful soccer field, in a stadium packed with fans, holding hands with a World Cup soccer star! It must be the thrill of their young lives, for 1,408 children selected by McDonald's--who hail from 70 countries--experiencing a once-in-a-lifeti…
Stephen Colbert Explains The World Cup Standings [VIDEO]
It's a big match at the World Cup for Team USA today...and Team Portugal if you're rooting for them to advance. After these two teams ended their match in a draw it apparently comes down to a lot of math to see who makes it to the next round. Thankfully we have Stephen Colbert to help figu…

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