Rest assured, this week's FIFA World Cup soccer match between the Yanks and the Germans will draw a bigger crowd than the contest with Portugal because excitement is growing! Sunday's tie with Portugal drew over 18 million people on ESPN, including an additional 6.5 million in Spanish on Univision, for a total of 24.7 million viewers.

By comparison, the Red Sox/St. Louis Cardinals World Series last year ranged between 12.5 and 16 million viewers, except the final World Series game that drew 19.2 million viewers. World Cup soccer still wins! The NBA final between the Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs drew between 15-18 million viewers, with 18 million tuning into ABC for the last game! World Cup soccer still wins!

So with the huge U.S. and global TV viewership, the World Cup has taken its rightful place among the very largest sporting events for American television audiences! That said, name the best place to take in the next game.