10 Places You Can Listen To Fun 107 With RadioPup
We know how much the Southcoast loves to listen to Fun 107, and we feel your pain when you're out of the area and can't get the signal. Well fear not because we have a mobile app that allows you to listen to Fun 107 wherever life's path takes you! It's called radioPup, and it mig…
Michelle Glavan Dances Like Beyonce in Public [VIDEO]
Right now Pepsi is doing a promotion to get people to dance like Beyonce, in her new Pepsi ad. The winner will get tickets to her show in LA. So internet funny girl Michelle Glavan decided to show off her Beyonce skills in her local grocery store.
Watch Eldery People React to Twerking [VIDEO]
By now you have all seen someone, maybe someone close to you, twerking. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon, so it's best we expose the older generation to what they've been missing.

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