Last night was definitely a night one victim of the Boston Marathon bombing will never forget.

33-year-old Adrianne Haslet-Davis, who lost part of her left leg in the bombing last year, returned to the stage performing at a TED conference in British Columbia with the help of a new bionic leg.

Haslet-Davis vowed just days after the bombing that she would dance again and last night the former Arthur Murray dance instructor did just that.

And from the pictures she looked fantastic.

Decked out in a sparkly, white dress with a short fringe skirt that Haslet-Davis paired with a simple pair of white ballet slippers - that she wore on both feet, which I just loved!

After the performance, which was a rumba to a shorten version of Enrique Iglesias' "Ring My Bells" with partner Christian Lightner (also from Boston), Adrianne told the media

 "I was always determined to dance again, and I knew that I had to, that I would, and here I am."

And she got there with the help of a fellow amputee, Hugh Herr, director of biomechatronics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Herr designed Haslet-Davis' bionic leg specifically for her and specifically to get her dancing again. According to Herr

"A human being can never be broken,"

And last night he and Haslet-Davis most definitely proved that.

See a few photos from her debut performance below and look for Adrianne to dance again soon. She says she'd love to show off her new leg and new moves soon on Dancing With the Stars.