I took the plunge and got myself hitched last weekend! And after a wonderful week away honeymooning, its back to work. Though it is a little tough to get back in the swing of things, fun flashbacks of the wedding day are keeping me moving. And the more I think about it, the more I think I know what every wedding needs...

Everyone has got their own opinions on kids at weddings and I have been to plenty that are kid free zones, but for me the wedding would not have been complete without my eight-year-old niece.

She was hilarious!

As flower girl she had us a little nervous that she would panic when everyone was looking at her and bail out on walking down the aisle alone. But she held her own and threw those flower petals like a pro!

She then discovered selfies during the dinner hour and went on to rock the dance floor for hours! Seriously, non-stop-dancing!! It was a delight to watch!

Jenny Kostka

My sister, brother and I were then reminded by our mother that we were all the same way at one point. Me and my sister were dance floor maniacs at my mom's second wedding and my brother was the dance king when my sister got married nearly 16 years ago.

I wish I had pictures of a younger me dancing my butt off to share and can't wait to see more photos of my niece on the dance floor from our amazing photographer Bethany O Photography! And since all of our dance moves were apparently enjoyed so much, I think maybe every wedding could use a cute kid ripping up the dance floor!

Did you have any cute kids at your big day? Share your cute kid wedding stories here!