When I was in my 20’s with a better metabolism (and had all the time in the world to spend at the gym) I used to think that Lipo suction was a short cut.

Then I hit 28. And no matter how much I worked out, it was twice as hard to drop the lbs. Add to that, turning 30 and the post baby struggle. Some of my friends have had children and look better now than before they were mothers.  How that happened I’m not sure.  But I am like the majority of women.  We become mothers. Our metabolisms are not the engines they were in our 20’s and we are overcome by time spent at work and spending quality time with our families.

This is in no way an endorsement for people to not make better choices. Exercise is still very important and an important part of my life. And eating right is essential.  But my 3 to 4 times working out each week are not cutting the mustard. I still struggle with counting each calorie and what kind of calorie it is.  Is it protein? Will I have to live on a ketonic diet for the rest of my life?

I totally understand why women have procedures to contour their bodies.  It can be depressing to stare at your old pair of jeans and yearn for the day you’ll fit in to them again.  You’re just 15 pounds away! And getting back in to those jeans or looking better in a bathing suit can have an all-around positive effect on your entire mood.

When we feel better about ourselves and how we look, we are nicer to the people around us, aren’t we? My husband can tell me every single day that he thinks I am beautiful, but I won’t believe it until I feel that way about myself. So, if you’re a busy woman and are frustrated about how you feel, take a look into some options that can help get your weight loss process jump started, or even put the finishing touches on the work you've done so far. Loose skin, stubborn problem areas, muffin tops? Luckily, we have a local expert that can help answer any questions or calm any trepidation.

If you’re thinking about Lipo Suction or smart lipo, fat transfers for breast augmentation, or any other methods to help boost your self-confidence, give Dr. Gagliardi a call at 1-877-3Ageless.  He’s Fun107’s Local Expert.  You can also watch videos about his procedures on his local expert page by clicking here.