In honor of World UFO Day, yes that's today, we have decided to take a look at some of our favorite television aliens of all time. Yeah, we know there are A LOT of aliens that have graced TV over time, so this was hard to come up with. However, going back through our childhood and something that we just don't want to let go ('Roswell' rocks) we were able to come up with 10 aliens that will always have a place in pop culture, and our hearts.

10. Allen Strange


One of our favorite Nickelodeon shows from the late '90s, 'The Journey of Allen Strange' tells the story of an alien teenager who gets himself stranded on earth. He has all kinds of powers, and it was just cool, okay? Don't judge us.

9. The Coneheads


Beldar, Prymaat and Connie - the Coneheads. Aliens just simply trying to blend in with society. This 'Saturday Night Live' skit inspired a feature length movie in the '90s.

8. Marvin the Martian

Warner Brothers

Small, quiet, and a little bit dangerous with a ray gun. This 'lil fella served as a good nemesis to both Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck - as Duck Dodger in the 24th and a half Century!

7. Alf


Let's be honest here, who doesn't love Alf? Despite the fact that he was always trying to eat the family cat, he was always one of our favorites.

6. Mork

CBS Television

In one of the most bizarre television spin offs, 'Mork and Mindy' focuses on Mork, from the planet Ork - duh - and his time on earth. it was weird, kooky, and made us laugh. Plus it gave us a first look at Robin Williams and all of his craziness.

5. Dr. Zoidberg


We're not exactly sure what Zoidberg studied while getting his doctorate, but he is one lovable (and depressing) alien. 'Futurama' wouldn't be the same without him.

4. Zenon - Girl of the 21st Century


It was one of those Disney Channel movies that you and all your friends watched. The first movie inspired a sequel (The Zequel) and then a third movie came out after that. We're not sure is Zenon the Woman of the 21st Century will be making a comback, but we'll always have this nostalgia.

3. Kang and Kodos

20th Century Fox Television

The crafty aliens that always seem to be hovering over Springfield on 'The Simpsons', especially during their Halloween episodes.These two, who we think want to destroy everything, have become staples of the Simpsons universe.

2. Max, Michael, Isabel - Roswell

20th Century Fox Television

If you say you were a teenager in the late '90s and weren't watching this, you're lying. It gave Katherine Heigl her start, before making a mess of things on the 'Grey's Anatomy' set. It made us question all the loners in our school - were they aliens? Probably.

1. Spock


I mean, look at this GIF. It was just a logical pick for number one.