Labor Day signifies the end of the summer for most of us.  It officially continues for a few more weeks.  Before you know it, the leaves start to turn and we're putting pumpkins on our doorsteps. Take advantage of the in between weather, before the weather gets too cold and it's dark out by 5:00 pm.

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My favorite ways to keep active during the fall:

  1. Bike riding- We live in one of the most beautiful places on earth.  Going for a bike ride on the Southcoast or on Cape is majestic!
  2. Jogging/walking around Buttonwood or Fort Taber. Wherever you jog, the lack of mugginess can add relief.
  3. Yoga- great for any time of year. Commit to peace of mind and stretching
  4. Zumba or Group Fitness Class- More enjoyable when the humidity has subsided. No matter how well air conditioned a gym is, the stickiness that can be trapped indoors can be unbearable.
Whatever you decide to do, make it fun. Try it all and switch it up. Getting bored is the quickest way to falling off of your plan to stay fit throughout the fall season!