People living in low-lying areas of Dartmouth are ordered to leave their homes and seek shelter with family and friends. The town has also opened the Council on Aging building on Dartmouth Street as a shelter as well.   The areas listed on the evacuation order include St. John Street, Marianna Street, Rapoza Street, Sol-E-Mar Street, east end, Star of the Sea Drive, low-lying portions of Russells Mills Road, Mosher Street, Cynthia Street, Swift Road, Rockland Park, Ricketson Point, West Elm Street to Bridge Street, Water Street, West of Wilson Street to the water, Lower East Bayview, Birchfield Farms, Shore Acres, Nonquit, Round Hill Estates, Salters point, Mishaum Point, the southern part of Little River Road, southern portions of Potamska Road, Gaffney Road, south of the marsh to the water, Little Beach and Allens Pond.