For the first time, Dunkin' Donuts opened its doors in Santa Monica, California.

Dunkin' has officially expanded its brand across America on September 2.  They opened a few shops across California in hopes to reach 200 stores by 2020.  Now even though we're used to it here in Massachusetts, it was completely brand new in California!  Not surprisingly though, Dunkin' has become a huge hit there too!  Johnny Hooper, who is originally from Connecticut, waited 31 hours in order to be the first person in line so he could get a french vanilla iced coffee and some munchkins. 31 hours!!!  Many other people were seen camping out in front of the store, just so they could get their first taste of Dunkin'!

The majority of the Californians in line had some form of Northeastern roots, and were extremely excited for a taste of home.  Some Cali natives were reluctant to admit it at first, but even they loved the taste of Dunkin' Donuts.

Watch the video down below of Californians trying out Dunkin' Donuts for the very first time.