I always find myself snacking while working, and I'm sure you do too.  I had not eaten Doritos for a few years or so, but the other day I went next door and bought a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos. One of those situations where, if you've had something before and knew what it tasted like, you were reminded of how good the particular food item is.  It could be like that for different people with different foods. The point is, I forgot how good Cool ranch Doritos are. I was just amazed all over again.

I love food, which Doritos falls into. Then I got to thinking, I know there are so many different varieties of Dorito's, but still nothing tops the classic Nacho Chesse and Cool Ranch, or does it? I'll fight to the death arguing that the original flavors are better. When you find yourself craving Doritos after reading this, remember to take a minute or two and decide your flavor.