We had a tiny glimpse of Spring this week with temperatures nearing 50 degrees. In New England, that's practically beach weather buddies. Are you ready for it?


Boutique Fitness NB, Youtube


If you haven't started working on your warm weather body yet, now's the time. Part of donning that two piece includes toning up that midsection. So before you completely pack away your sweaters, here are some routines that should help you acheive your six pack goal. Here are some workouts from the ladies and experts in fitness from New Bedford's Boutique Fitness. It’s sure to kindly remind you of your work the following day;)

:30 Plank

10 (each side) Up/Down Plank

20 Plank Jacks

20 Medicine Ball Scissors

20 (rounds) Russian Twists

20 (each side) Medicine Ball Mountain Climbers

Break it up with some jumprope and complete this set 3 times….