I was looking around online after talking to my Dad about old amusement parks. Everyone remembers Lincoln Park, but since he is 78 years old, he was telling me about Acushnet Park in the South End of New Bedford. I guess it was first damaged in the Hurricane of 38' then demolished again in 54' so no wonder I never heard of this place.

I began to search for abandoned amusement parks and came across something interesting. Imagine riding a rollercoaster, the Flume, and swinging over a nuclear cooling tower. Um, what? Look at the picture of a cooling tower that was supposed to be used in a nuclear facility, only to be never turned on and transformed into an amusement park. It's in Germany, and looks kind of creepy. Hey honey, let's go to the nuclear park! No, thanks.


So I guess if the cooling towers in Somerset don't work out, there might be a new amusement park coming to that area. Hit up Battleship Cove, then the nuclear park, yay!