The networks made their cancellations last week and now they're ready to reveal what's next. So if your sitting down for a night on the couch some Sunday this fall, here's what the major networks will have to offer you.

On NBC things will be like they always are in the fall, full of football! Sunday Night Football of course returns with Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth making the calls.

ABC isn't fixing what ain't broke either. Nothing new on the network, you'll still see Once Upon A Time at 8pm, followed by new hit Resurrection and Revenge.

CBS is adding new shows to their Sunday night. Kicking things off at 8pm is the new Tea Leoni DC drama Madam Secretary. The show's about ex-CIA operative and college professor Elizabeth McCord who unexpectedly gets thrust into the position of Secretary of State, but stills tries to balance a complex family life. Here's a first look at the show

They'll follow that up with staple The Good Wife then at 10p, CBS gives you another CSI spinoff...CSI:Cyber. I guess it had to come to that eventually. The show stars Patricia Arquette as Agent Avery Ryan who works to solve crimes as a CyberPsychologist for the FBI.

FOX is also changing up their Sunday night. No longer can they call themselves animation domination, cause shows with live actors are getting added to the mix. Sundays will still kick off with The Simpsons at 8p, but will be followed by Brooklyn Nine-Nine in a new night, then Family Guy of course at 9p and newbie Mulaney at 9:30.

Mulaney stars comedian John Mulaney in a slightly Seinfeld-esque sitcom. The show revolves around John as a stand-up comic trying to take his career to the next level. Nasim Pedrad from Saturday Night Live co-stars as an Eileen kind of character and Martin Short is in the mix as Mulaney's boss. Check out the trailer from FOX.