That is what I'm beginning to think is the word on the street.   It was 10 after 9 at night, a little after my bedtime ( my alarm goes of at 3:30am), when the doorbell rang.  Barking dogs, my wife telling me to go answer the door.   After turning on the porch lights so I could see who was knocking at that hour, I saw a 20's something guy with a clipboard.  Once I cracked open the door, holding one of the little dogs in my arms, and pushing the other one back with my feet, the guy began his magazine pitch.

No, no no.  It's bedtime and despite all of my other purchases, including magazine subscriptions, it's not happening tonight.   My words went unheard and the pitch continued.   Should I do what I would consider rude and slam the door in his face?   Trying to avoid that, I reminded him again that the only thing I was going to do at that point was to hit the pillow.

But, but, but his pitch continued.   After what seemed like minutes, my wife came to the door...said "No" and closed it.   Thank you honey for being strong.   Next time, please answer the door as while I read my latest National Geographic.