How To Block “Bitstrips” From Your Facebook
For those of you that don't see the humor in this new Facebook application, here is a favor from me.
Bitstrips are all over the place now. These "cartoons" show up on your news feed, and at least to me, just take up space.
Here is a link that will guide you on the process of blo…
Things That Parents Say to Non-Parents That Are So Annoying
Before anyone says anything, yes being a parent is tough. However, people have been doing this job for as long as people have been walking around the Earth. So spoiler alert - you aren't the first people to have kids, be tired, or hate yourself for sitting through a 6 hour tee-ball game.
Wanna Sell Something? Knock On JR’s Door
That is what I'm beginning to think is the word on the street.   It was 10 after 9 at night, a little after my bedtime ( my alarm goes of at 3:30am), when the doorbell rang.  Barking dogs, my wife telling me to go answer the door.