Out of all the places to get stuck, a vending machine would not be the first place to think of.

According to WOWT 6 News, A Lincoln, Nebraska boy who went missing from his home was found shortly after his mother called 911 stuck at a bowling alley, in a vending machine. His mother reported the boy missing around 5:30 pm when someone at the bowling alley spotted a boy who matched the description of the missing child.

The boy was freed from the machine without any injury. According to police, the mother acted quickly and appropriately as soon as she realized her son was missing and there were no indications of neglect. She was not cited. I wonder how close she lived to the bowling alley?

I guess when those kids see those toys and prizes, they want them! How bad of a parent do you have to be to lose your kid inside a vending machine. My wife would kill me.

Heres a picture of the kid from WOWT6News out of Colorado