When we woke-up this morning, we may have thought we dodged a bullet with this nor'easter. Sure it was windy with a mix of rain, snow and sleet, but overall it was manageable.

Then we spoke to Fred Campagna at Rightweather.net Fred told us the mixture of rain and snow will continue throughout the day with very windy conditions, and that the rain will change completely over to snow tonight. Unless you are on Cape Cod, expect to see up to 5 inches of the heavy, wet "heart attack" snow by Friday morning.

If you travel north to places like Attleboro and Brockton, maybe even more of the white stuff. The weather guy tells us that the snow should end by early afternoon on Friday, but the winds will continue. There is however, some light at the end of the tunnel. No snow forecast for the weekend, and by Sunday we'll see temperatures well into the 40's, and maybe even 50 degrees by early next week.

The snow will not be on the ground long. So keep safe and warm as we ride out this storm. Better days are coming.