Taylor Swift is just flexing her muscles at this point, as she proves that anything with her name on it turns to gold.

The singer recently released a few songs off her upcoming album 1989, and according to CBC News, one of the songs titled "Track 3" reached the top spot on the Canadian iTunes chart. The thing was, Track 3 only consisted of white noise for eight seconds. Just static, and nothing else.

Track 3 was number one followed by another pre-released song, Welcome To New York, and then Shake It Off at the third spot. It's likely iTunes users bought the song for $1.29 before listening to it, but that just proves Taylor Swift fans are willing to invest in her music without needing to know how it sounds.

The empty song was an accident and has been taken down from iTunes.  However, fans can buy the other two songs 'Welcome To New York' and 'Shake It Off', which are now number one and number two respectively on the charts, along with a third song off of '1989' called 'Out of the Woods'.

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