Hanx Writer Is The Number One Downloaded App! [VIDEO]
The old school typewriter meets the modern age with an app! Ever since the laste 70's, Tom Hanks has been enamored with the sound and feel of various typewriters. Hence, Tom Hanks and Hitcents developed an "app that provides the ease and speed of an iPad with the sound a…
Preview Of Beyonce’s New Surprise Album [Audio]
Beyoncé released her new self-titled album overnight on iTunes...surprising everyone. The album features 14 songs and 17 videos, and was released at Midnight this morning without any media coverage announcing the album. This is Beyoncé 5th studio album and the first album since 2011.
Adele’s “21” Tops iTunes Best-Sellers For 2nd Year In A Row
It was the best-selling album of 2011, and Adele's "21" is also the online music store's best selling album of 2012.
The Grammy-winning disc, which came out nearly 2 years ago continued to sell so strongly this year that it hit the 10-million sales mark.