Hannah Hart Invites You Into “My Drunk Kitchen” [VIDEO]
YouTube sensation Hannah Hart is one funny lady. She has millions of viewers online and now has a book called My Drunk Kitchen. She was with us the other day to tell us how it all got started. She was having a chat with a friend, spliced it all together in 2011 and it just exploded!
“Dear Kitten” [VIDEO]
As you may know by now, I love cats and everything to do with cats!
So, I like to look up videos of cute kitties.
My most recent favorite is the "Dear Kitten" video put on YouTube by Buzzfeed Video.
In the video, an older cat is showing the new kitten around the house and offers him s…
Anniversary Of First Video Uploaded To You Tube
YouTube just celebrated a milestone! It was April 23rd 2005 when the first video was uploaded to the site.
To date  its been viewed of 14 Million times! it's a pretty basic video of course, but here it is below.
I would love to know the total number of videos that have been uploaded in the past 9 year…

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